Stress Free Buying

Stress Free Buying

How To Enjoy A Stress-Free Mallorca Property Buying Experience

As wonderful as living on Mallorca is, it’s also important to realise that buying property here, like anywhere in the world, has its own local rules, players and risks for the those who don’t have the necessary experience. That’s where we come in…

Unfortunately, in our experience, most property sites and agencies rely on you having to wade through tons of property listings, like wandering around in a huge hypermarket.

Then, once you’ve found a few properties you like, you’re still left pretty much on your own to navigate the jungle of making an offer, negotiating the final price, then working your way sloooowly through the often tortuous process of completing the purchase.

Not only is this stressful for the calmest of us, it’s also risky…

For example, how can you be sure the property you’ve fallen in love with doesn’t have thorny legal issues hanging over it, or hidden geological problems lurking beneath it?

And how comfortable are you about working through the local compliance requirements and processes to arrange the finance package to buy your dream property?

Three distinct things to make your Mallorca property buying experience safe!

1. Concierge-Level Service

Our Concierge-Level Mallorca Property Buying Process ensures you enjoy a successful and stress-free Mallorca property buying experience. We manage the entire process, every step of the way. And we go the extra mile for you, so that you are delighted with your buying experience and your dream property long after your purchase is complete…

2. Hand-in-Hand Coordination with Other Professionals

If we can’t find the ideal property for your requirements and budget, we work closely with other property consultants to ensure you find your dream property. And either way, we also work closely with our trusted banking and legal partners to help you arrange local financing and Spanish residency, and complete all legal processes.

3. Inside Information, Upfront

To arm yourself with what you need to know to ensure your Mallorca property purchase is safe and happy, we’ve prepared a free guide, 9 Top Tips To Successful Property Buying on Mallorca. This insider secrets guide tells you all about the pitfalls that you may not yet be aware of, and how to avoid them.

And in this guide, we also explain the European Schengen Residency Golden Visa, which enables non-EU citizens who buy property in Mallorca to gain the rights to travel and trade freely throughout Europe.


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