Our Process

Our Process

Our Concierge-Level Process for Safe Property Buying on Mallorca

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, which is built around our proven process, which ensures your Mallorca property purchase is safe, stress-free and successful. And of course, we adjust this to suit you.

Here’s how we work with you for the best outcome:

1. Getting to know you, your requirements & your budget

We explore and confirm your unique requirements for your Mallorca dream property, including property type, location, features etc. At the same time, it’s vital that we confirm your budget, so we focus our time and efforts most effectively, for your benefit.

2. Conducting an ideal property search on your behalf

To save you from endless hours of searching through hundreds or property listings, we work with your specific requirements, dreams and budget and present the most appropriate properties to you, making the whole process a delight.

3. Whittling down the candidate properties to your ideal shortlist

We then work with you to refine this selection of properties to a shortlist. When you have a specific property in mind, or a shortlist of properties you’d like to view, we also arrange viewings for you.

4. Conducting due diligence

We carry out initial, basic due diligence on all properties we present to you. Naturally, we cannot assume legal responsibility for your final due diligence, but to assist you in this part of the process, we will also happily introduce you to our highly regarded solicitor partner, who can support and guide you through the complete due diligence process.

null5. Arranging finance

It’s essential to get financial resources ready at the right time of the buying process, coordinating that with the legal process. We have highly trusted connections in the Mallorca financial services industry, and work with our specialist broker to introduce you to the most appropriate financing package.

Our best advice is to let us put you in touch with our finance partner early – even before you start looking at specific properties – so you know how much finance you’re likely to be able to raise to fund your purchase.

6. Making an offer

We work with you and your solicitor to ensure that your offer is attractive and made within the appropriate time and process to be accepted by the property seller.

7. Negotiating & agreeing on price and terms

We leverage our wide experience, local knowledge and expertise to ensure your purchase negotiations are smoothly managed and successfully concluded.


8. Managing legal processes and documentation

In addition to the standard required legal processes, we ensure that you are able to successfully navigate through any specific additional legal requirements to complete the purchase of your dream property. Our partner solicitor is widely experienced and highly regarded in the Mallorca property industry, and we will happily introduce you and work with them for a smooth process throughout.

9. Completing the purchase

We coordinate your entire Mallorca property purchase to ensure it goes smoothly and completes successfully. We go the extra mile to ensure your experience is stress-free and that you remain delighted long after your purchase is completed.


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